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Best night of my life.

 I saw 2AM tonight. In person. Up close. I could've touched Jokwon.

It was the best night of my life.

Pictures and story tomorrow. Now I'm too tired from stalking and driving and shock.


Ok, so I got there with my friend @5pm, 2 hours before the concert, thinking we could catch them before they go into the theater. However, there were NO PEOPLE around the entire building... So we asked some dude at the back of the theater if they'd gone in already and he said that the artist had gotten there already D:
So we go back and now there's 3 people in line so we line up behind them. This one lady is telling stories about all the Korean stars she's met in Korea (Tablo, Kwon Sang Woo, etc) so my friend is like attacking her with questions lol.
At this time, we still had no tickets and not really any intention of buying tickets (they ranged from 50 to 300 dollars...), but we're in line anyways for like over an hour. So we finally go in to the will call area and try to find like, a gap in security so we can sneak in, but alas, there was none. So off we go to dinner at a cafe next door. We decided to just go stake out the after party venue and wait for them there. As we're eating, the line is still going past the window to the cafe and we watched all the  ahjummas going to see JYP haha.
After dinner, we decided to check back around the front of the building to see if anything was going on. By this time it was about 8, a half hour after the concert started. As we approach, this dude walks up and is like "hey, you guys want to go to this concert? I have two tickets." And we're like, "nah, we can't afford them," but he haggles us for a while. He offers us $60 for both, but we say no and walk away. He finally shouts out "ten bucks a piece!" and we pause.

So long story short, we got into the JYP concert for 20 bucks total.

Unfortunately, 2AM had finished their set so we didn't see them perform, but we did watch JYP for a little over an hour. And 2AM came out at the end to goof off during the last song.

Jinwoon exposing one of the back dancer's ripped bod by attempting to rip off his shirt
Jokwon dancing around by himself like a cutie
Changmin being super hot irl
Seulong being awkward and gorgeous
All of them dancing strangely in front of the screen with the back dancers
Seeing them IRL :D

Then after a brief encore during which JYP sat on the stage and let his crazy fans touch him as he sang a random song (literally, he said they hadn't prepared an encore lol), my friend and I ditched to camp out at the back again. We waited for a half hour or so, having small heart attacks every time anyone walked out the back entrance of the theater. A few small groups of fangirls gathered after we did (yes we were FIRST bitches) but not many. Finally two vans pull up with ahjusshis driving. They leave them running and open the back doors, obvious signs of the artists' getaway cars. Unfortunately the cars were for the back dancers LOL but they were good looking too, so that was fine haha. The cars leave and then return after a little while and resume their running and doors open state, so we freak out again.

Finally, 2AM appears.
They're beautiful.

Jokwon riffling through a pile of stuff RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME
Seulong's red hoodie
Changmin being SO GOOD LOOKING irl (seriously, he must not be photogenic or something cuz dayum)
Jinwoon wearing a gorgeous blazer and tied back hair
My friend screaming "JOKWON OPPA" over and over
Peering at them through the tinted windows of their idol van
Changmin nodding at the fans who were screaming "CHANGMIN OPPA"
And oh, yeah did I mention that they're all AMAZING GOOD LOOKING?!

We walked a few blocks to the after party venue to stake it out and wait for them to leave, but we ended up actually going to the restaurant that was attached to the bar they were in. Unfortunately the party was VIPs only and not accessible to the public :( But we did hear JYP over the loud speaker declaring that he was there to get drunk and that everyone else should get drunk too. Sadly, we couldn't stay around to lol at a drunken JYP. But a VIP in the elevator on the way out said that 2AM was probably not coming, so we didn't miss them at least :)

Overall it was amazing.


JYP singing Proposal (one of three songs I knew cuz Jokwon sang it to Gain on WGM lol)
One of the back dancers was flashing her nipple though through like half the thing. It was great.

JYP singing with some chick with NASTEH hair. She looked super young and got in my way when i was trying to take pics of 2AM after the show.

I call this one "JYP in a box."

I like the fog effect in this one. They went all out with the lighting and stuff. It was a bit much actually lol.

He talked about how he's single now (the divorce) and so he should be looking for someone new. Then he brings out this fan who looked younger than me and proceeded to seduce her in front of us all.

I'm not sure that JYP has learned the word "awkward."

Actually, I'm sure he hasn't.

Strip tease/lap dance time. And yes, his shirt is slightly see through.

Then he kissed her. He must be really lonely now that he's single.

The dancing was really fun to watch though. Very cool.

"No love... No more..." I kept dancing to it and I think people around me were slightly unnerved that a large white girl knew the dance and words to JYP's song LOL :D

Park MJ. Billie Jean.


Fans. He made us stand up lol.

His dancers' outfits were really nice in this song.

Their dancing really was the lulz.

Cool picture.

He made us stand up again.

He said he wants to grow old with his fans.

Intense dancing.

2AM. My friend and I were loling at the people screaming for JYP, but once 2AM came on we lost it LOL
Btw, if you look closely, you can see Jinwoon being a homosexual and disrobing that back dancer.

Running around like fools. And Kwon dancing by himself.

Bet you can tell who's silhouette is who's :D

That back dancer was an attention whore. Changmin did not seem to approve of him.


Jinwoon's Jesus glow.

Kwon's Jesus glow. And Changmin stripping.

Kwon was one of the last to get off the stage. He loves the lime light ^^

JYP and his shark frenzy of fans. I'm pretty sure some of them must have been fondling his jewels. They were super intense.

Even though we were near the back of the balcony we could see really well.

Good looking back dancers.

MUTHERFUCKIN2AM. You can see Changmin at the bottom of the ramp and Seulong's red hoodie behind Kwon.

Could that be Jokwon walking toward me looking BEAUTIFUL? YES, yes it could.
Could that be Seulong back there looking like a G in his red hoodie? Yes, yes it could.

One of the fans next to me was like "진짜 예뻐다..." when Kwon was closer. And of course my friend's "JOKWON OPPA. JOKWON OPPA. JOKWON OPPA." was great <3

So this is where nasty hair chick got in my way. There's Seulong's hoodie of course, but you can also slightly make out the back of Changmin's head right above the blonde curls and Jinwoon's back/head ahead of Changmin (between the chick and the striped polo ahjusshi). I'm really sad I didn't get to see Jinwoon as well :(

Again Jokwon had to be ushered away from his fans. He wasn't like, talking or looking at us, but he was there. Also, look at those crazy shoes.

Thus begins the photos through the tinted back window of their idol van.
Seating arrangement: back left, Jinwoon; back right, Changmin; middle left, blonde chick; middle right, Jokwon; front passenger, Seulong.

Could that be the blurry profile of my favorite magnae? YES. IT MUTHERFUCKING IS.

Could that be Changmin drinking a soda like a pimp in his idol van? Yes, yes it could.

And away they went~

I'm planning to see them again with Wondergirls in San Diego on July 2. Hopefully we'll get there early enough to see them go in, and we'll definitely be right up front so I can stare at their gorgeous tallness.

Until next time.




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May. 24th, 2010 12:39 pm (UTC)
Excited to hear/read it bb <3
May. 25th, 2010 07:25 am (UTC)
I may or may not have stalked you from omona.

This was an awesome account though, thanks for sharing. I TOO WANT TO SEE CHANGMIN DRINK SODA LIKE A PIMP. And, well, everyone else too ;_;.

In fact I have nothing constructive to say, except that your captions had me laughing all the way through. ♥
May. 27th, 2010 04:37 am (UTC)
kuku no prob. i didn't know how to post there, so i figured whoever wanted to see them would be able to link from my comment ^^

sigh... it was amazing. they're touring with wonder girls in july, so you should check out their dates/locations (assuming you're in the us).

thanks! the night was so bizarre, i had to tell the story too lol :D
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